Mobile Cat Groomer based in Greater Manchester

Also covering Cheshire and Lancashire.

Each cat groom is tailored to you and your cat’s individual needs. Every cat is treated with the utmost care and respect as if they were my own precious fur family member. Harsh restraints are never used. I work with your cat at their pace and no groom is ever rushed.

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Specialist Cat Only Groomer

Trained at the leading training academy in the UK Debbie is offering cat owners a full mobile cat grooming service in the comfort of their own home.

Tailoring each groom to the owners and the cats’ individual needs.

Mobile Cat Groomer based in Greater Manchester

Mobile Cat Grooming Services

Claw trimming
Claw trimming


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Master Cat Groomer
Master Cat Cert
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Debbie is very calm, friendly, patient , polite and generally a very wonderful person with strong core and hard working etiquette. She has a great passion and love towards all animals.

Debbie has great understanding regarding animal welfare and their wellbeing. She will do everything possible to make sure that your cat has a happy and safe experience in her hands. She strives to groom any cat to perfection, leaving its coat in healthy and beautiful condition after each grooming session.

Her confident holistic approach in handling all types of cats will reassure you and deliver the best possible cat grooming service.

I would highly recommend Debbie and her “Groomed to Purrfection” cat grooming business. I wish her great success in this amazing venture!

Warmest regards.

Svetlana Broussova

Director of the Cat Grooming School Ltd, London, UK